Executive Director

Position Details

Type Full Time
Offered By Landmarks Foundation
301 Columbus St
Montgomery, Alabama
Deadline 10/10/2014
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Name: Sandra Nickel
Title: EO Search Committee


Landmarks Foundation (LF) is seeking an executive director, who will be responsible for the administration and management of LF including the operation and maintenance of 50 historical structures in Old Alabama Town which includes 19 commercially leased properties. Responsibilities also include the direct supervision of the LF staff of 11-13 employees including the Historic Properties Curator, Historic Properties Maintenance Supervisor and the Education Director. The director will monitor and approve expenditures within the $1m operating budget. An involved management work style is essential in planning, promoting and carrying out LF board fund raising events, membership solicitations, grant opportunities and educational programs for adults and students. LF related meetings and events require attendance outside the usual business hours including weekends.


Operations and Fiscal Management

  • Oversees the operation and maintenance of 50 historic structures in Old Alabama Town, which includes 19 commercially leased buildings.
  • Supervises the Landmarks Foundation staff of 11-13 departmental directors and supervisors.
  • Facilitates internal communications among all staff.
  • Delegates and collaborates to achieve maximum efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Administers the operating and capital budgets.
  • Recruits, trains, motivates and retains volunteers to accomplish organization’s goals with a minimum of outlay. Membership and Fundraising
  • Plans, promotes and carries out fund-raising special events.
  • Conducts annual membership drives including retention and new member efforts.
  • Identifies and pursues grant opportunities and major donor sources.
  • Develops a long-range plan to eliminate Foundation’s dependence upon governmental funding.
  • Cultivates and maintains strong relationship with prospective, current and past donors, including past board members.

Communications and Marketing

  • Develops and implements a detailed marketing and communications plan and calendar to spread LF message, support and maintain healthy revenue, build attendance at events and garner goodwill and financial support.
  • Serves as chief spokesperson for LF.

Advocacy and Education

  • Work with Board of Directors to develop LF’s advocacy positions on all issues relating to historic preservation in Montgomery.
  • Implement those positions through attendance at public and private meetings, working through the media and cooperating with other historic preservation groups.
  • Monitor legislative and other governmental affairs that may affect historic preservation.
  • Create and conduct classes, tours, conferences and other opportunities to increase knowledge of and appreciation for Montgomery’s historic resources.
  • Builds productive relationships with other area preservation organizations, governmental agencies and other stakeholder groups.

How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to: Sandra Nickel Sandra@HatTeam.com.