Executive Director

Position Details

Type Full Time
Offered By Milton-Freewater Downtown Alliance
Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Salary $35,000+ (based on experience)
Deadline 08/15/2014
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Name: Norm Saager
Title: President

The Milton-Freewater Downtown Alliance is seeking an Executive Director to coordinate downtown revitalization activities using the Main Street 4-Point Approach. Applicant should have proven ability to work with both public and private sector including members of the downtown community.


The duties listed are intended only as Illustrative examples of the various types of work that may be performed by individuals in this position. Any of the following duties may be performed. These examples are not necessarily performed by all incumbents and do not include all specific essential functions and responsibilities the incumbent may be expected to perform.

  • Assisting committees in developing and carrying out annual work plans.
  • Working in conjunction with the MFDA Board of Directors.
  • Coordinating volunteers and committees.
  • Managing administrative aspects of the Program.
  • Coordinating and communicating with the State Main Street Coordinator
  • Being a representative and advocate for Milton-Freewater at conferences and for issues at local and state level.
  • Encouraging a cooperative climate with other downtown and community organizations.
  • Assisting business and property owners with business and property improvement projects.
  • Developing appropriate downtown revitalization strategies.
  • Helping build productive relationships with city government including attending City Council and other public meetings as an advocate for downtown projects.


  • Promoting and managing public relations of the organization and related events.
  • Developing and coordinating special promotion and events.
  • Defining an advertising plan and implement upon Board approval.
  • Working with outside businesses and associations to support the downtown business climate.
  • Managing and carrying out downtown promotions involving overseeing of setting up and tearing down of equipment.
  • Oversee and maintain organization and community website(s).

Public Relations

  • Stay current with downtown activities and needs.
  • Developing and maintaining a data system to track the progress of the local program.
  • Create and maintain public awareness and education programs concerning the downtown.

Working with the Four Committees and All Task Forces

  • Coordinating activity of these committees. 
  • Ensuring communication is established and maintained.
  • Assist with execution of work plan.
  • Proving ongoing volunteer support.

Administrative Aspects

  • Record-keeping and accounting.
  • Prepare an annual budget that meets the objectives of the four point approach.
  • Control and administer the budget set by the Board.
  • Preparing and filing quarterly reports for Oregon Main Street.
  • Filing legal documents.
  • Ensure all committees have a sufficient number of volunteers and meet regularly.
  • Report regularly to the Board on progress of meeting the long-term purpose of the MFDA and other issues of concern.


  • Serving as an advocate for downtown issues at the local and state level.
  • Represent program at Oregon Main Street and Downtown Managers meetings and conferences


Excellent organizational, communications, writing and some web design skills required. Applicant must demonstrate competence through education and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: marketing, economic development, small business management, volunteer and/or nonprofit management, public relations, planning, urban design, architecture, and historic preservation.

How to Apply

Send resume, cover letter, and contact informaiton for at least two professional references by August 15, 2014 to Milfton-Freewater Downtown Alliance, PO Box 21, Milton-Freewater, Oregon 97862. For full position details visit mfdowntown.org/jobs.