Historic Preservation Mason

Position Details

Type Full Time
Offered By Great Basin Institute in partnership with Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park
Baker, Nevada
Salary $25/hour + up to $1,500 for travel expenses (e.g. lodging, per diem)
Deadline 07/31/2014
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Name: Chris Warner
Title: Program Specialist


Working in partnership with Great Basin National Park, the Great Basin Institute is recruiting to hire a Historic Preservation Mason. The Mason will support Great Basin National Park in a project to document and stabilize a historic site and structure in Great Basin National Park for the “Assessment and Stabilization of Historic Tilford Stone Cabin and Site Area” project. This position requires knowledge of historic preservation techniques and principals of the appropriate building type (stone masonry). Work at the developmental level is performed under supervision of the Historic Preservation Specialist and park Cultural Resource Program Manager. The project work requires an emphasis on safety.


The Historic Preservation Mason serves as a skilled laborer to assist the Historic Preservation Specialist and park cultural resource staff providing appropriate historic preservation techniques to protect the Tilford Stone Cabin within Great Basin National Park.

Duties will include:

  • Performing historic preservation labor: The assignment will require following recommended treatment plans for the historic stone structure with mud mortar, log and cut lumber roofing elements, and corrugated metal roofing.
  • Assure NPS 28 Secretary of Interior Standards are maintained: The Historic Preservation Mason will perform work consistent with the NPS 28 Secretary of Interior Standards for building stabilization for the appropriate building type (stone masonry). This will include following recommendations of the historic preservation plan for the structure and working closely with the Historic Preservation Specialist to resolve any unexpected complications.


Performing historic preservation labor will require:

  • Ability to interpret construction drawings and plans.
  • Training or experience in selection of proper tools and equipment.
  • Working knowledge of construction techniques.
  • Experience using and maintaining tools and shop equipment.
  • Knowledge of general historic preservation techniques.
  • Some experience with stone and earthen building systems.
  • Ability to recognize materials safety, environmental, and other workplace hazards and respond appropriately.

Assuring NPS 28 Secretary of Interior Standards are maintained requires:

  • Working knowledge of construction techniques and preservation standards.
  • Ability to apply standards in problem solving for historic construction techniques.

How to Apply

Qualified and interested applicants should forward a cover letter, their résumé, and a list of three professional references to Amy Gladding, GBI HR Coordinator, at agladding@thegreatbasininstitute.org. In your e-mail response, please include where you found this position posted, as well as where you currently live/work. This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religion. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.