Tips for Finding a Job in Preservation

10 Ways To...: Building a career goes far beyond simply finding a job. Here, we distill the essential information that will help you maximize your growth and development within the preservation field. From augmenting your resume, to optimizing your interviews, to burnishing your own skills, we have tips and tools to get you started.

Profiles in Preservation are designed to help the preservation community learn more about an individual's path to preservation, and to get a more intimate glimpse into what their day-to-day job is like (with a few questions thrown in about history and their favorite building).

The Profiles in Preservation series is located on the Preservation Nation blog. Read the full feed here.

Professions in Preservation aim to help the preservation community learn more about the scope of careers in the field. This series profiles preservation professionals about the work they do, the education they received, and their perspective on the field of preservation.