[Cities in Focus] Atlanta from the Locals

Deadline: January 30, 2014
Contact Information:
Grant Stevens

The Community Outreach Department at the National Trust wants to hear what folks are up to in Atlanta!  One of our 2014 projects is a monthly blog series called “CityLove” where we share inspiration, stories, and pictures from different cities across the US.  Each city has at least three posts – one post is a broad overview of the city highlighting current or planned projects,  one post is an interview with a local, and one post is pictures from Instagram. 

Past posts have been about St. Louis, Boise, and Little Rock but April is all Atlanta!   We’re curious to know what preservation or placemaking projects are happening.  New public art being installed?  Historic bar crawl happening?  Adaptive re-use project getting off the ground?  Shoot us an e-mail about any of them.  If you know of projects in Atlanta or have questions about the blog series, please contact Manager of Community Outreach Grant Stevens at gstevens@savingplaces.org or 202-588-6039.  Thank you!