Preservation and Rightsizing in America: Report

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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is pleased to present this report addressing rightsizing and historic preservation in America. This issue of rightsizing and its implications for historic preservation have been the focus of considerable attention since 2011 when the devastating effects of the economic downturn on historic properties within legacy cities became apparent to the preservation community. Residents urged the ACHP to assist in managing the effects of major changes occurring to historic properties in local neighborhoods across the country.

The Managing Change: Preservation and Rightsizing in America report makes key recommendations for ensuring that historic preservation is a vital part of the solution for communities looking to reinvent themselves. The report documents the ACHP’s findings based on site visits to legacy cities, participation in conferences and meetings, and research. In addition, it makes recommendations to federal agencies and the diverse stakeholders involved in rightsizing in legacy cities and other communities. The phenomenon of rightsizing is similar to challenges presented decades ago by the Urban Renewal Program that resulted in the substantial loss of local historic assets. The lessons learned during that period have positioned us now to ensure that historic preservation informs the revitalization of our communities and is not considered an impediment to economic recovery.

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