HOPE Crew - A National Youth Corps Movement

HOPE Crew is a program from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Short for “Hands-On Preservation Experience”, HOPE Crew will train thousands of young people in useful preservation craft skills, making a difference in their lives and preserving historic places in need.

The Corps Network

In partnership with The Corps Network, we will bring together places in need with HOPE Crews at preservation projects nationwide. The Corps Network is an association of 127 youth and service corps with 27,000 members providing 13.5 million hours of service annually.

HOPE Crew - Preservation Experts Train Youth

The Trust will coordinate support from its network of partners and preservation experts to train the youth corps members on techniques such as carpentry, masonry and window restoration.  The skills that these corpsmembers acquire will open up opportunities for employment in the preservation industry.

America's Past Preserved for the Future

HOPE Crews will bolster local economies and help breathe new life into historic places in need of revitalization. The rehabilitation work the Crews perform at historic places will ensure that key pieces of America’s past are preserved for the benefit of future generations.

How it Works

  1. From rural National Parks to urban Main Streets, Crews take on a diverse portfolio of projects.
  2. HOPE Crew members are paid for their work and are part of a youth development program.
  3. Preservation experts work with Crews to provide project leadership and training.
  4. Crew members receive valuable preservation skills training including masonry, carpentry, painting and refinishing.

HOPE Crew Project Profile – Shenandoah National Park

The first HOPE Crew project was the rehabilitation of the historic stables at the Skyland Resort in Shenandoah National Park. The work was profiled on PBS Newshour.