Cultural Heritage Tourism Workshops

The National Trust’s heritage tourism specialists can provide a variety of workshop formats that are customized to the needs of the client. Contact Amy Webb or Carolyn Brackett to discuss your workshop needs and to obtain workshop fee information.

Introduction to Cultural Heritage Tourism

This half-day or one-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to cultural heritage tourism. The presentation includes an overview of cultural heritage tourism trends, demographics of cultural heritage travelers, and an in-depth look at the Five Principles and Four Steps of Successful and Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism.

The workshop includes examples of success stories and best practices from across the country. The workshop also includes an opportunity for group discussion or breakout groups for participants to apply what they have learned in making plans for their own communities.

Interpreting Cultural Heritage in Your Community

Making sites and communities come alive is the focus of this one-day workshop. The workshop includes instruction on how to tell the story of your site or community, understanding interpretive methods and how to attract and engage visitors. Examples of various forms of interpretation will be given. Participants will learn how to choose appropriate interpretive tools – such as brochures, driving tours, walking tours, museums, exhibits, audiotours and tour guides—and will discuss plans for their own interpretive projects.

Marketing Your Community's Cultural Heritage

This one-day workshop helps participants learn how to collaborate with the tourism industry and to attract visitors to their community or region. Topics include an overview of current trends in cultural heritage tourism and instruction on the tools of marketing. Attendees participate in exercises to define their community's message and to develop strategies using public relations, social media, advertising, tourism industry sales and other marketing tools. (To prepare for this workshop, Heritage Tourism staff will review current marketing activities and develop an agenda that will improve or enhance the existing plan. It is not necessary for a community to have a marketing plan as the workshop can also be a beginning point for plan development.)

Making Your Community Visitor Ready

Understanding and planning for the needs of visitors is the focus of this half-day workshop. The presentation will discuss why visitor-oriented customer service is important, how the needs of tourists differ from residents, operating visitor-friendly retail establishments and attractions and cultivating hospitable front-line tourism employees. Participants will receive materials and instruction to assist them in evaluating their community's visitor readiness.

Cultural Heritage Tourism Survival Boot Camp

How do cultural heritage tourism sites and destinations survive –or even thrive – in an economic downturn that seems to have no end in sight? If your organization is struggling to answer this question, Survival Boot Camp is for you! Boot Camp is a customized half day or full day training session designed to inspire with survival stories from across the country, engage participants in sharing their challenges and ideas and discover creative strategies for their own sites and destinations. Survival Boot Camp showcases case studies and research from a year-long development project by the National Trust. 11 Key Survival Strategies for Tough Economic Times and almost 100 real-life stories show how these strategies have worked for cultural and heritage tourism organizations across the country. Case studies feature all aspects of cultural heritage tourism including historic sites, museums, Main Street programs, scenic byways, national and state heritage area, arts organizations and state and community tourism agencies.