American Brewery Building

Location: Baltimore, MD
Date Built: 1877
Rehabilitation: 2007-2009
Original Use: J.F. Wiessner & Sons Brewhouse
New Use: Office and Program Space for Non-Profit Human Service Provider

Project Background

The property used in this adaptive reuse was a vacant, five-story, 26,000 gross square foot former beer brewhouse. The building was built in 1877 for the J.F Wiessner & Sons Brewing Co., and was originally one of two dozen buildings in a five-acre brewery complex. The brewery was sold to American Brewing, Inc. in 1933 and continued as a brewery until it was closed in 1973. In 1977 the property was donated to the City of Baltimore. In response to an RFP from the City, Humanim, Struever Brothers, Eccles and Rouse, and Gotham Development were awarded the rights to develop the brewhouse and the adjacent bottling plant in 2005.

The American Brewery Building is located in the Broadway East neighborhood of Baltimore. The Project is approximately two miles northeast of the CBD and three-quarters of a mile north of Johns Hopkins University medical complex. The Broadway East neighborhood is a low-income area of row-houses and small commercial storefronts that suffers from a high degree of abandonment and blight. Roughly half of the properties in the area are vacant or have been demolished.

The Project was developed by Humanim, a 35-year-old non-profit provider of social and human services that has worked in East Baltimore for 20 years. Humanim serves individuals with developmental, emotional, neurological and physical disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, through vocational, clinical and residential services. Humanim provides services from eight office locations in central, eastern and southern Maryland, including three locations in Baltimore.

Project Financing

Summary of Costs

      • Acquisition: $100,000
      • Rehabilitation and Construction: $14,765,589
      • Soft Costs and Other: $7,958,217
      • Total Development Cost: $22,823,806

Sources of Financing

      • New Markets Enhanced Bank Loan: $14,000,000
      • Corporate and Foundation Grants: $2,739,643
      • City of Baltimore Grant: $700,000
      • Historic and New Markets Equity: $5,286,913
      • Other: $97,500
      • Total Sources of Funding: $22,823,806