Protecting Older and Historic Schools

In addition to providing a place to educate our children, schools are also important anchors that help define and sustain our neighborhoods. 

Helping Johnny Walk to School

In 2008, the National Trust for Historic Preservation launched the Helping Johnny Walk to School: Sustaining Communities Through Smart Policy project to encourage the retention and development of community-centered schools through state level actions. Learn More

Resources for Advocates and Policy Makers

Few public institutions are more crucial to sustaining a community than schools. Plus, older schools can be high-performing facilities that meet needs of students, teachers, and the community. Learn More.

Schools Success Stories

Preservation success stories are crucial tools for Americans trying to keep historic schools as vital parts of their communities. Each of the following stories show how people across the country preserved their architectural landmarks and created uniquely enriching educational settings. Read More.

The National Trust and Community-Centered Schools

The National Trust shined a spotlight on the threats that our country's community-centered schools faced by placing schools on its annual listing of America's Most Endangered Historic Places. Today, these treasured national icons still face – many of those same threats – and some new ones.

Our Living Legacy

After combing the Centennial State to inventory schools that were at least 50 years old, Colorado Preservation, Inc. created Our Living Legacy, an inspiring film that features six historic schools that have been renovated to meet today's educational standards, save on capital costs, and help combat sprawl.