Funding models for comprehensive protection projects

This is not meant to be a full list of possible funding sources, but a examples of funding types, many from our case studies.  For more general listings, visit our funding page.  

National Trust for Historic Preservation Grants

  • Cambria Greenspace
  • Thomas Barn
  • Bird Homestead
  • Octagon Barn

Bond Campaigns

  • Trust for Public Land's LandVote program provides guidance and statistics on state and local conservation finance measures.
    • Daniel Webster Farm

Statewide and local preservation organization grants 

  • Statewide & Local Partners  
    • State programs/endowments that have been used for comprehensive protection projects
    • Vermont Model – Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
    • Great Outdoors Colorado
    • Maryland Dept. of Nat. Resources Rural Legacy Program
    • Massachusetts Community Preservation Act
    • New Hampshire LCHIP
    • New York Environmental Protection Fund
    • New Jersey Green Acres
    •  California Cultural and Historical Endowment 
      • Dana Adobe case study

Federal grants

Grants from counties, organizations, and agencies promoting smart growth or sustainability

  • PA's Energy Harvest and the Sustainable Development Fund
  • Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency grant
  • Old Saratoga on the Hudson project
  • The Conservation Fund
    • Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation

Local fundraising

  • Greenspace, Cambria Land Trust
  • Bird Homestead

Member Items

  • Bird Homestead