Modernism + the Recent Past Case Studies

 La Laguna de San Gabriel Playground, San Gabriel, CA

Where can you find a herd of joyful children and ferocious monsters playing harmoniously? For San Gabriel residents, the answer is the La Laguna Playground. Once threatened by demolition for being outdated and unsafe, San Gabriel residents rallied to save "Monster Park."


La Concha Motel Lobby, Las Vegas, NV

In a city of highways and transient visitors, sometimes even a 28-foot-high concrete structure must hit the road. When the sweeping shell of the La Concha Motel lobby was threatened with demolition, advocates worked creatively to find a new home and new life for a piece of Las Vegas' golden past.


Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ

The 427-acre Bell Labs campus in Holmdel, NJ was one of the most important technology incubators of the modern age. When owner Lucent Technologies decided to leave the site, new development proposals threatened the building and designed landscape, spurring preservationists to organize and intervene.


Modern Talk, DOCOMOMO WeWa, Seattle, WA

Preservationists eagerly raise their voices to preserve important vestiges of our past, but in this case the resources had voices of their own. Recognizing the importance of capturing the viewpoints and memories of western Washington's living modernist architects, DOCOMOMO WeWa conducted a pilot oral history project to record the region's living Modern history.