Historic Threats to Sacred Places

Badger-Two Medicine Area
The Badger-Two Medicine are is located in the Lewis and Clark National Forest within the Rocky Mountain Front (the Front) in northwestern Montana, the 130,000-acre Badger-Two Medicine area is a dramatic landscape where plains, mountains, and rivers meet.  

Cave Rock
Cave Rock, a 360-foot high by 800-foot wide remnant of an ancient volcano, sits on the southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe in western Nevada. The Washoe people, whose ancestral lands encompass the Lake Tahoe Basin, call Cave Rock “Dao w ga” or “the lake.”  

Mattaponi River
Flowing 85 miles across the coastal plain of eastern Virginia, the Mattaponi River has been the lifeblood of the Mattaponi people for thousands of years and is where life begins for them.  

Medicine Lake Highlands
Medicine Lake Highlands is a tribal landscape located northeast of Mount Shasta in the mountains of northern California, and centered on the sacred Medicine Lake.  

Wao Kele 'O Puna
In the 1980s, Puna Geothermal Ventures proposed geothermal development for the remote rainforest Wao Kele on the slopes of Kilauea on the island of Hawai`i. This area is an ancient hunting ground that continues to be an important ceremonial place for Native Hawaiians because it is the home of the volcano goddess Pele and her ‘ohana (family) of deities. The forest also is said to contain innumerable burial and archaeological sites.