Our Work on Public Lands

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of cultural and historic resources on federal public lands. We are focused on ensuring that federal land management agencies recognize and achieve their stewardship responsibilities for cultural and historic resources.

  • Strengthen the preservation ethic at the BLM, USFS and NPS.
  • Develop survey data on the location and significance of cultural resources to improve agency decisions on appropriate land use.
  • Increase funding for resource protection.
  • Seek to ensure agency compliance with existing legal requirements.
  • Develop increased public awareness, involvement and participation in saving cultural resources on public lands.
  • Improve National Trust resources and capacity for dealing with historic and cultural resources on public lands.

The keys to achieving these stated goals lie not only in the National Trust’s efforts to develop partnerships with conservation groups, Native American tribes, and industry and recreational users of public lands, but also in expanding the National Trust’s previous work of identifying and participating in key pilot projects with federal agencies that save cultural resources and historic places on public lands.

Advocate for Public Lands | Cultural Resources Preservation Coalition

National Treasures

National Treasures are endangered places of national significance, and/or places where our on-the-ground success can have positive implications for preservation nationwide.

They are beloved one-room schoolhouses, inspiring national monuments, ancient sites, and modern masterpieces. Each National Treasure tells a revealing part of the American story.

Current Work

Important Saves