Broadmoor Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Washington
Year of Award: 2002
Original Use: Hay, Livestock
Current Use: Equipment Storage

Broadmoor Farm-Ellensburg, WA after rehabilitation.

Jeff Brunson operates a large hay, corn, and wheat operation in Ellensburg, Washington.  In 1989, he purchased the farm, which had been run by the Billeter family since the late 1800's.  For the past thirteen years, he has been improving the farm and outbuildings in order to pay tribute to the legacy that the Billeter family had brought to the area, and to productively use them for his own farming operation.

The centerpiece of the farm is a flared, gothic-roofed barn located prominently along the interstate.  In 1995, paint was applied and new window frames were installed.  In keeping with the historic nature of the structure, much of the glass was reused for the divided-light windows encircling the barn.  In 1999, the internal structure was repaired in order for the barn to be used safely for equipment storage and for future generations to enjoy.  Finally, in 2001 at a cost of over $31,000, an asphalt shingle roof was installed as the culmination of his rehabilitation efforts.

The barn now serves as an ideal and roomy storage facility for equipment and supplies.  The cost of the project was just over $35,000. the new roof was the most expensive element that will serve as the chief protector over his investments in the barn and what is stored within.