Diamond F, LLC

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Iowa
Year of Award: 2007
Original Use: Dairy, Grain, Hay, Livestock, Other
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Livestock

Diamond F, LLC-Fort Madison, IA after rehabilitation.

Since 1852, six generations of the Faeth family have maintained fruit orchards on their historic southeast Iowa farm.  Faeth Orchards produces 60 types of apples, including 25 heritage varieties, as well as peaches, pears, plums, row crops and hay.  One of the most prominent structures on the farm is an 1882 timber-frame barn, which is topped by an eight-sided cupola. 

The Faeth family recently put a new metal roof on the barn and cupola. Upgrades were made to the electric and drainage systems. The Faeths have not only concentrated on the preservation of their barn, but have repaired several other historic farm buildings on their property. 

The entire 160-acre farm, including the barn, was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Faeths have worked hard to keep their orchards operating over the last six generations.  The Faeths explain why they continue to preserve their historic buildings, "we view this work as a snapshot of farming 100-125 years ago. Even though production and harvest practices have changed, our efforts to preserve the buildings provide a basis for historical interpretation of the last 125 years in agriculture."