Ellis Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Iowa
Year of Award: 2003
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Cattle, Hay, Horses, Straw

Ellis Farm-Lytton, IA after rahabilitation.

The Ellis family has lived on this farm for over 30 years and is actively engaged in farming.  They raise corn and beans on 160 acres of land that still contains a historic barn, the last original structure remaining on the farm. The Ellis' discovered through county tax records that the barn was built in 1918 by the Townsend family as a dairy barn.  Box stalls and loafing areas were added as the barn was adapted for its current use. 

The barn, which they depended on to house their Arabian horses, purebred Tarentaise cattle and over 3000 square-bales of hay, recently suffered damage in a severe windstorm.  This event led to the often-asked question, "Do we restore the old or build new?"  Larry and Shirley Ellis' answer was, "Even with (the) barn's age, it still stands strong.  It just needed a few repairs to keep it standing."

To start those repairs, the barn has been painted several times over the years, and has been re-shingled. Half of the barn's foundation was replaced, as well as the siding up to the eaves. The used lumber was used to repair the back and sides of the barn. The roof, along with most windows and doors were replaced.