Feldmeier Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Minnesota
Year of Award: 1999
Original Use: Dairy, Hay
Current Use: Hay, Other

Feldmeier Farm-Houston, MN after rehabilitation.

The Feldmeier brothers' 1890 barn has not changed much in the past 100 years.  It is still used for milking cows and storing hay.  The barn's stone foundation was built by a Norwegian mason who used stone from a small quarry on the farm to build both the barn and the farmhouse.  The original 60' by 32' barn was built into the hillside.

It has been updated through the years, with a few additions including a barn cleaner, stanchions, pipeline and hay conveyor.  In 1991 the shingle roof was replaced with metal.  A 40' by 32' addition was built with additional hay storage and a loafing area for livestock below.  The Feldmeiers also added a small lean-to to shelter some of their farm equipment.  Today the barn is the centerpiece of the Feldmeiers' 41-cow Grade-A dairy operation.

While the old barn dominates the farmstead, the Feldmeier Farm has many other old buildings that are still in use, including two corn cribs, a granary, a hog barn (used for calves), a chicken coop, a buggy shed and a summer kitchen.  In addition to milking cows, the Feldmeiers raise corn, hay and oats and feed out Holsteins on their 452-acre farm.  Gerald's children are the third generation of Feldmeiers to grow up working the farm.