Forkus Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Montana
Year of Award: 1998
Original Use: Calving, Dairy
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Horses, Livestock

Forkus Farm-Clyde Park, MT after rehabilitation.

Don and Karon Forkus raise hay, grain and livestock on 160 acres northeast of Bozeman, Montana.  When they bought their farm, the first project they tackled was rehabilitating the 100-year-old barn, which features a two-story, gable-roofed entry intersecting the main part of the barn.  Sheds on either side of the entry originally provided a sheltered loafing area for livestock.  The barn is topped with a small wooden cupola.

The barn, which was originally used for calving and milking, was constructed of hand-peeled timbers.  The flooring and siding were milled on site.  The original stacked sandstone foundation is still in place.  Don and Karon rebuilt the north wall of the barn, and leveled all the ridge and eave lines.  They replaced windows and repaired damaged siding.  A new cedar shingle roof and a coat of red paint put the finishing touches on their rehabilitation project.  They did all the work themselves, except the roofing.  Their project cost $17,400, and they figure they saved $70,000 over the cost of a new building.

The barn is now used for boarding and grooming horses, foaling, shearing sheep, and doctoring sick stock. It also provides storage space for hay, feed and tack. "We preserved the barn because it has many more years of functional use, if rehabbed and then taken care of," say Don and Karon.  "Plus, it has so much character and eye appeal."