Good Enough Farm

Farm Heritage Award Winner

Location: Indiana
Year of Award: 2001
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Cattle, Equipment Storage, Hay

Good Enough Farm-Peru, IN after rehabilitation.

Sid and Joanne Kubesch own two adjacent farms in Peru, Indiana. When passing by the Good Enough and Westleigh Farms one could easily mistake them for a farm museum. This is because the Kubesch family has kept their farm buildings in excellent condition over the years. All of the barns have gambrel roofs. One barn is of brick construction with dormers and roof vents, another is of vertical clapboard siding, and the final barn is of horizontal clapboard siding.

All of the barns have been kept in continuous use over the years. Joanne explains that this has been their best method of preservation. This approach has kept the barns in their pristine condition over the years. The barns are painted approximately every 10 years and repairs are done to the roof, siding, doors, and widows when necessary. Joanne says, "We replace materials only when needed, but we do it with appropriate materials."

Since 1974, the Kubesch family has spent $50,000 preserving their barns. And, it has paid off; the family received the John Arnold Rural Preservation Award from Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. With their dedication to keeping their barns preserved, and being aware of their significance to their farm's history, the Kubesch family plans to keep their barns in the beautiful condition that they are in today.