Gularte Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: California
Year of Award: 2007
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Hay

Gularte Farm-Salinas, CA after rehabilitation.

Wayne Gularte knew he had to do something about his old barn when one day a cow fell through his milking parlor roof.  He briefly considered demolition, until he realized how much redwood would go to waste. It was then that he chose to do a complete restoration instead.

Wayne and his crew jacked up walls, replaced rotted posts, poured concrete pier supports, installed a new roof and re-nailed the exterior redwood siding. He added a fresh coat of red paint to finish his restoration project. And, though the work was sometimes challenging, Wayne estimates that he saved $25,000 over the cost of a new barn.

He uses the structure to store a variety of equipment and supplies for his farm, which includes a small orchard as well as vegetables and livestock. The restored barn has become a local landmark. Every now and then, Wayne says, "an artist stops on the road nearby, sets up and paints a picture of it."