Harris Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Minnesota
Year of Award: 2002
Original Use: Livestock, Other
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Grain, Hay

Harris Farm-Marshall, MN after rehabilitation.

Frank Harris' great-grandparents raised five sons on the farm from 1897 until 1947. In the midst of these years, a barn was raised in 1928. In 1973, after 25 years of renting the barn and the land, the Harris family returned to the property.

It has survived many wind storms over its lifetime and should survive many more, thanks to the help of some interior bracing in 1993. Over the years a modern roofing system replaced the original cedar shingle roof, adding to the list of the Harris's repairs.

The classic red barn, originally built to shelter livestock and feed, now houses grain, farm equipment, and hay. When asked why they decided to preserve their barn, the Harris's replied, "We like the old barn—there are not many left in the country."