Hartke Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Illinois
Year of Award: 2002
Original Use: Equipment Storage, Livestock
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Livestock

Hartke Farm-Litchfield, IL

Maynard Harke's grandfather built the first barn on the property in 1901 while renting a home and land across the road. "A barn will pay for a house!" he said. One hundred years of family labor and maintenance later, the original barn, a house, and two additional barns stand in faithful service to the family's sheep, cattle, and seed operations. "The buildings are used much as they were built for," says Hartke.

The Hartkes painted the barn with a fresh coat of paint, rebuilt the foundation and several walls, and reinforced the floor joins. A new roof was added, as well as a concrete floor.

The Hartke's reason for preserving their barns was simple. Maynard Hartke explained, "We knew these buildings still had a lot of use in them and we wanted this once beautiful farm to be restored to its original beauty."