Henneberg Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Kansas
Year of Award: 2002
Original Use: Horses
Current Use: Calving, Hay

Henneberg Farm-Wheaton, KS after rehabilitation.

In the 1850's, Milton Henneberg's great-grandfather, Christian Henneberg, came to Kansas from Germany and built a log house for himself and his parents.  In 1867, he decided to build his next house out of locally quarried limestone due to its strength, beauty and availability.  In 1886, son Emil emulated his father by deciding to build the barn out of limestone for the same reasons.  Because of their decisions, Henneberg Farms is still blessed with the fruit of their labor. The barn is 30'x36' with a gabled hayloft and was designed to house 12 workhorses.  The arch above the south entrance still announces the date of its creation and the name of its creator.

In July of 2000, after 113 years of noble service and the earlier addition of a new roof, additional repairs were in order.  All original mortar was removed to its core and the entire barn was re-pointed with mason's cement.  The north side arch had begun to migrate away from true and plumb and was in danger of falling, so it was pushed back into place and stabilized.

The land on which Henneberg Farms sits has been continually owned and operated by the Henneberg family.  The farm was split down the middle between the two sons of Emil Henneberg and Milton Otto Henneberg grew up in a wood frame house on the west-end of the property.  For the past 50 years, however, he has been living in the house built by his great-grandfather.