Iverson Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: North Dakota
Year of Award: 2000
Original Use: Dairy, Hay, Horses
Current Use: Hay, Horses

Iverson Farm-Tioga, ND after rehabilitation.

Maynard Iverson and his son Deon raise registered Angus and Buelingo cattle, wheat, durham, oats and barley on three farms in northwest North Dakota.  Maynard and his wife Joetta bought the Iverson Farm from Maynard's cousin in 1988.  Since then, they have improved the farm and outbuildings, and have transformed a rundown farmstead into what visitors describe as a "story book" farm.

The centerpiece of the farm is a gambrel-roofed barn built in 1930 by the original owner, Magnis Strand.  The barn had been neglected for many years, and was "leaning, leaking and rocking in the wind," says Iverson.   The Iversons started by replacing the roof and the rotted sills.  They installed new bracing inside, repaired the windows, and painted the barn a bright red with white trim.  On the inside, they have built stalls and pens for their new enterprise – raising registered quarter horses. They hope to build up to a herd of 15 – 20 mares.

Outside the barn, the Iversons built corrals for the horses and planted a windbreak.  They planted several new rows of trees along the lane, as well as lilacs and chokecherries in the yard.   Next they plan to tackle the old granary and the pump house, which will be converted to a tack shed.  "We like to have things look nice," says Joetta.  "I've used a paintbrush a lot."