Klein Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Ohio
Year of Award: 1999
Original Use: Dairy, Equipment Storage, Hay, Horses, Livestock, Straw
Current Use: Cattle, Equipment Storage, Hay

Klein Farm-New Bremen, OH after rehabilitation.

One-hundred-year-old barns are rare enough, but the Klein family of New Bremen, Ohio, has a 145-year-old barn as the centerpiece of their Auglaize County Centennial Farm.  The bank barn and twelve-room farmhouse were built in 1853 by Johann and Anna Marie Bruggemann, great-grandparents of the current owners, who were originally the captain and cook on the Miami Erie Canal boat which ran from Cincinnati to Toledo, Ohio. 

"The barn was handed down for generations in our family," say the Kleins.  "It was built by hand by our ancestral great-grandparents, who were proud of their accomplishments.  So are we!"  The Kleins began their rehabilitation project in 1984.  They jacked up the barn, supported it with blocks, and rebuilt the foundation underneath.  They replaced rotted sills and rebuilt the deteriorating bank bridges before setting the barn back down on its new foundation.  The interior was outfitted for raising heifers, with concrete floors, new wiring and a new water system.  The finishing touch was exterior work, including a new roof, siding repair and painting.  The whole job cost the Kleins about $40,000. 

"Many hours, months and years of hard work paid off to preserve our Heritage Farm," say the Kleins.  "We hope it stands for generations to come with a little tender loving care throughout the years."