Kuenzi Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Missouri
Year of Award: 2003
Original Use: Dairy, Hay, Livestock
Current Use: Hay

Kuenzi Farm-Kansas City, MO after rehabilitation.

After being born in the farmhouse on this Missouri Century Farm in 1927, it is understandable that Dr. Donald Kuenzi would have some deep affection for its centerpiece, which is now over 100 years old.  While in Nepal on a medical mission trip in 1999, the mostly retired doctor said it came to him with great clarity (what he says may have even been providential) that the Kuenzi barn must be restored. The infrastructure of the old barn was in excellent condition; however the exterior of the barn needed a heavy overhaul.

That included replacing rotted beams, the roof, doors, and several windows. The dirt floor was cemented, a bathroom was added, and some stabilizing was done. It was fortunate that the barn survived at all.  In 1948, the original farmhouse was destroyed by fire while Donald was away at college, but it did not spread to other buildings.  Thankfully, this former draft horse and milking barn survived and went on to house vast amounts of hay for the Kuenzi family and more recently for neighbors renting the Kuenzi land.

After completion, the newly painted green barn has been in use storing hay, a gathering place for Donald and Martha's 50th wedding anniversary, family overnights and church youth group outings.