Marhofer Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Michigan
Year of Award: 2003
Original Use: Dairy, Grain, Hay, Horses, Straw
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Livestock

Marhofer Farm-Belding, MI after rehabilitation.

Joseph Marhofer is the 5th generation to live on the farm.  During the course of those generations many changes occurred in the look and use of the family barn.  Before 1915 the barn housed work horses and dairy cows under a gable roof.  Now the barn has a north addition, a gambrel roof and houses sheep, hay and equipment.  Joe's father, Pete Marhofer, remembers purchasing the lumber for the north addition with his father when they first heard of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Because of his family's connections with the barn and its extensive history, Joe recently decided to install center match lumber on two of its walls and apply a fresh coat of paint to add another chapter of history to this family icon.  He "lived" on the scaffolding, creating new memories with his own father who handed him one board at a time so that he could use his handsaw and nail gun to attach each piece. 

The barn has kept its foot in the past by retaining the hay track and car used for loose hay transport while providing a space for the work of the present.  It has also provided a place for the children and grand-children to play, swinging on ropes for enjoyment while preventing cobwebs and dust from accumulating.