Mill's Edge Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Pennsylvania
Year of Award: 2001
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Calving, Cattle

Mill's Edge Farm-Blooming Glen, PA after rehabilitation.

For the past nine years, Henry and Charlotte have been buying farms in this Bucks County town, restoring the older buildings and putting the farms back into production.  They have purchased 478 acres of nearly contiguous farmland which they are placing under easement with the Bucks County Farmland Preservation Program, so that the lands will remain in farming in perpetuity.  They raise Red Angus cattle and grow corn and soybeans on 1,400 acres of owned and leased land. 

Helping the Rosenbergers is Keith Nace, the Rosenberger's farm manager, who lives on Mill's Edge Farm. He recently completed the rehabilitation of a three-story dairy barn built in 1867.  The before and after photographs of the barn show a remarkable transformation from a rotting ruin to a straight and sturdy classic red basement barn.  Keith and his sons jacked up the barn and laid up new block walls after the original foundation had started to collapse.  They replaced broken windows and siding before applying a fresh coat of red paint. Old pens were removed and new steel posts were installed under the main center beam to support the upper floor. The total cost of the project was $10,000, most of it for materials.

Both wings of the L-shaped, gable-roofed barn are used for cattle feeding and housing.  A herd of 30 Red Angus brood cows are moved into the barn in late October, and kept there until they calve in March or April.  The barn is open for the cows to move around as they please.  The former threshing floor above is used to store both round and square bales of hay as well as wagons.