Mitchell Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Missouri
Year of Award: 2004
Original Use: Livestock
Current Use: Cattle, Equipment Storage

Mitchell Farm-Turners, MO after rehabilitation.

The barn and the farm in Turners, Missouri began with turkeys in the early 1930's.  George's grandfather raised 5,000 turkeys each year and dressed them in the barn.  They were then delivered fresh to individual customers in town for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The advent of refrigeration after WWII diminished fresh turkey sales and the barn was converted to dairy cows (selling bottled milk to the same customers earlier serviced with turkeys) and finally to beef cattle.

The conversion began from turkeys to dairy when stanchions were added, the floor was removed and electricity was introduced.  A second story was removed around 1960 and the roof was extended for shelter and structural support.  In 1980, sliding doors were added to facilitate ease of movement for cattle and machinery. In 1998, a new roof and a fresh coat of paint were added as the latest bits of upkeep for this multitasking barn.

The barn is now used for machinery storage and about 25 head of beef cattle in the midst of hay and grazing land, walnut trees and a meandering creek.  George has fenced off about 1200 trees and the creek as part of a USDA soil conservation program benefiting both the farm and surrounding community. When asked why he preserved his barn, George replied, "it was built by my grandfather from timber that came from the farm and because it was a good location."