Mooter Farm

Recognition Award

Location: Nebraska
Year of Award: 2004
Original Use: Dairy, Hay, Livestock
Current Use: Equipment Storage

Mooter Farm-Kennard, NE after rehabilitation.

The Wesemann farm was purchased in 1950 by Gail's father, Henry Wesemann.  By this time the dairy barn was already a farm fixture.  The original barn had burned to the ground, but was rebuilt in the 1930's using the same design plans.  Over the years the farm has changed from a crop and animal operation to crop only.  The barn has adapted in purpose as well.  The majority of land is now leased for corn and soybean rotation.  The barn is used to house machinery for the managing of remaining lands left in prairie grass, woodland and garden plots, including harvesting hay from the grass waterways. 

Its adaptation began in 1999 with a roof replacement.  This included the restoration of its cupola, weather vane and original lightning rods.  The barn has six entrances including two sliding doors and four hinged doors.  The larger sliding door and three of the hinged doors had been nailed shut over time.  The larger sliding door was released and opened in 1999 and in 2000 two of the three hinged doors were taken off and rebuilt using much of the original wood.  Windows were replaced or repaired throughout the barn.  A cement floor was installed as well.

"Today this building represents an important part of the history of the Wesemann farm and when Gail, the family, and I moved to the property the farm lane was named Old Barn Lane in honor of the barn. It stands out as a landmark," says, Mooter.