Norgard Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: North Dakota
Year of Award: 2003
Original Use: Cattle, Horses
Current Use: Calving, Equipment Storage

Norgard Farm-Berthold, ND after rehabilitation.

Selmer Norgard's North Dakota Centennial farm was homesteaded by his father Ole C. Olson in 1900.  His father later changed his name to Chris O. Norgard, taking the family name he had left behind in Norway.  Selmer took under his care both the name and the barn built in 1912 by his father.  His rehabilitation of the barn was done to honor his father and to keep it in good use for his farming operation.

The barn is the only original structure left on the farm and still serves to a large degree in its original purpose, housing cattle for his cow/calf operation.  Original lightning rods protect the barn from spark and fire and original windows surround the perimeter.  After repairing the walls, installing new shingles and painting in traditional red with white trim, he has added antique displays to the barn's new duties.  The 720 acre farm also produces durham wheat, canola, barley and oats.

The total cost of the rehabilitation, including labor and supplies, was $2,650.  It was estimated that the savings over building a new structure to house the current uses was in excess of $10,000.  The farmstead is cost effective and exhibits the origins of Chris O. Norgard's farming history.