Shady Acres

Recognition Award WInner

Location: North Dakota
Year of Award: 2001
Original Use: Calving, Dairy, Horses
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Hay

Shady Acres-Anamoose, ND after rehabilitation.

Gilbert learned woodworking skills from his father, who built the family barn in 1922, along with the farmhouse, a hog barn, a chicken coop and a garage.  Gilbert has passed his love of the barn and his carpentry skills on to his own sons, who with their children are the third and fourth generation of Rudnicks on the farm.  "You can understand why it was so important to maintain, replace and rebuild our farmstead," says Gilbert.

"The barn has been kept up and repaired every year when needed since this farm started," says Gilbert.  The foundation was replaced in 1965 and the roof re-shingled in 1970.  Other than that, minor repairs and a new paint job every five years are all it takes to keep the barn in tiptop shape. "Our buildings are all painted white except the barn, which will always stay red," says Gilbert.  "This barn is a landmark, a centerpiece and a great source of pride for the ranch," he adds.  The family is also proud of their shelter belts, shade trees and evergreens which have earned the farm its name, "Shady Acres." 

Gilbert was awarded the Soil Conservation Achievement Award in 1979 for his 900-acre farm which produces canola, barley, sunflowers and wheat.  "In between farming and ranching I have always done custom carpentry and also drove a school bus.  My wife Betty was my substitute driver and together we raised five children and they loved growing up on the farm," says Gilbert.