Summerfield Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Virginia
Year of Award: 1999
Original Use: Dairy, Hay, Livestock
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Hay, Livestock

Summerfield Farm-Independence, VA after rehabilitation.

Samuel and Martha Fulton settled in Grayson County, Virginia in 1800 and built a sturdy collection of log farm buildings, including a large barn with a 50-foot-long beam, a corn crib, a brooder house and a smoke house.  Almost 200 years later their great-great granddaughter, Sidney Fant, is using those same buildings as the center of her family's livestock operation.

Sidney and her husband, Palmer, bought the farm from other family members in 1967.  They immediately began repairing the old log buildings, and their work has continued to the present.  Over the years they have repaired the rafters, roof, and some studding. All of the shed doors were replaced with sliding doors to make all of the compartments accessible.

They run a 120-head cow-calf operation and background 120 yearlings on 1,000 contiguous acres of the original farm and an additional 350 acres nearby.   "The old barn and crib are integral in our farming operation," says Sidney.  The barn is used for hay, feed and equipment storage, and includes stalls for treatment of sick animals and a special stall for grafting calves on cows.  In a 1992 blizzard, the barn sheltered 75 sheep and 2 horses, with cows huddled nearby in an adjacent lot.  All were fed hay from the barn's loft.