Thykeson Farm

Farm Heritage Award Winner

Location: North Dakota
Year of Award: 2007
Original Use: Calving, Dairy, Horses
Current Use: Calving, Equipment Storage

Thykeson Farm-Portland, ND after rehabilitation.

In 1983, Brad Thykeson moved onto the farm that his grandfather owned. Shortly after he started a small cattle operation, and decided to use the same barn that his grandfather had for milking cows. And, even though the barn sat unused for twenty years, there were many memories still attached. One of the most vivid memories is, "the thought of my grandfather walking in the same door on the east in the morning sun," says Thykeson.

In order to keep his barn looking as it does today, Thykeson has painted it twice. And when the east wall started to bow and the roof started to sag, Thykeson called a barn straightening crew to cable the roof and add bracing for stability. After straightening the barn Thykeson re-roofed and re-shingled the barn.

According to Thykeson the $13,000 that went into the rehab of the barn was well worth it. Being able to preserve the memories with his grandfather and the opportunity to create new ones with his own children was all of the motivation he needed.