Trevarton Ranch LLC

Farm Heritage Award Winner

Location: Colorado
Year of Award: 2000
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Hay

Trevarton Ranch LLC-Allenspark, CO after rehabilitation.

High in the Colorado mountains, in the shadow of Rocky Mountain National Park, a fourth-generation Colorado family is doing whatever it takes to hold on to their family ranch. The centerpiece of Williams' diversified ranching operation is a 90-year-old log barn. As the land became more valuable and ranching less profitable, the family found it increasingly difficult to make a living on the ranch. The solution came with an offer from Boulder County to purchase the development rights on the ranch. "It's one of the largest tracts of private land in the Boulder County foothills," says Ellen Flannelly, land officer with Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

Williams attended a BARN AGAIN! workshop sponsored by the National Trust and The Nature Conservancy, and he came home armed with ideas for fixing up his neglected barn. The barn was in sad shape, "All through the years we kept putting that roof back on, but the boards were so rotten the nails would not hold," says Trevarton. The roof was stripped down to the rafters, new rafter tails were spliced on and new nailing boards set across the rafters. A shiny, new, red steel roof completed that phase of the project. Williams also replaced the barn's top cross beams, which had been removed many years ago. A new foundation was poured and a coat of linseed oil mixed in lacquer thinner was used on the exterior logs.

"Since 1992, Colorado has been losing an average of 270,000 acres of agricultural land a year," says Lynne Sherrod, executive director of the Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust. "We're grateful to families who make a commitment to stay in agriculture and protect the scenic, natural and cultural values that we, as the public, hold dear."