Waywood Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Ohio
Year of Award: 2000
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Livestock

Waywood Farm-Bloomdale, OH after rehabilitation.

When they married in 1896, Ed and Sylvia Yates received the best wedding gift any young farming couple could hope for – a new barn.  Nick and May Waynar purchased the farm from the Yates' in 1944, and used the barn to house their Holstein cows.  A year later, they purchased the farm across the road, and moved its matching barn next to the Yates barn.  "The half-mile move was quite a feat," recalls May Waynar.  "Logs were used to roll the barn, and lumber used to create a temporary bridge over the ditch." 

The Waynars sold their dairy herd in 1969 and when Nick Waynar died suddenly in 1995, May discontinued farming and auctioned off the farm machinery.  The barns sat empty and unused and the future of the farm was uncertain.  But the next generation of Waynars decided that they wanted to keep the farm in the family and maintain the buildings. The buildings were repaired and freshly painted, and are now housing the latest Waynar enterprise, the raising and breeding of alpacas.  The spacious barns provide excellent shelter, birthing space and feed storage. 

"It is through the efforts of the second and third generation of Waynars on Waywood Farm that these wonderful old barns will continue to serve as functional farm buildings," wrote May Waynar in her BARN AGAIN! award nomination.  "In an era when old barns are exchanged for new or just allowed to collapse, the Waywood Farm barns stand as a symbol of the agricultural history of Wood County, Ohio. As the senior member of this enterprise, it's such a joy to me to see the activity on the farm," May adds.