Agawam Farms

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Pennsylvania
Year of Award: 2008
Original Use: Horses
Current Use: Other

Agawam Farms-Montrose, PA after rehabilitation.

Robert Warriner is the third generation owner of Agawam Farm—his grandparents purchased the farm in 1918. The barn was built in 1927, and was originally used for horses until the late 1940s when the stable area was rebuilt for 30 milk cows. And, in 1980 the barn was again rehabbed to its current use as a machine shop. On the lower level Warriner uses the machine shop, mainly in the winter. The upper level, which can be reached by an earthen ramp, is used to house and restore antique tractors.

During his rehab, Robert repaired the stone foundation walls and added a drainage system. The front doors were rebuilt, insulation was installed for the lower level's machine shop, and a fresh coat of paint was applied to the roof and walls. He also re-installed original light fixtures in the barn. Warriner maintains the look of his barn with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Warriner says that it was important for him to keep the barn in such good condition not only because it is the building first seen by passers-by, but also because of it's, "beautiful structure, its expansive space, and the character it adds to our farm."