Dell Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Wisconsin
Year of Award: 2009
Original Use: Dairy
Current Use: Hay, Horses

Built by George Apfel in 1914 the round barn was originally used for dairy on the first level with hay and water storage on the second. Lumber for the barn was soaked in a nearby creek so that the beams would bend easily. The barn has a circumference of 165 feet and a diameter of 52 feet. Before the first harvest, ice cream socials were held in the hayloft of the barn to raise money for the local church. The barn is currently used for a horse operation and is listed on the Wisconsin State Register as well as the National Register of Historic Places.

Kent Evenstad has owned the Dell Farm since 1977 and believes that is better to preserve his historic barn rather than build new. He also realizes that round barns are becoming increasingly rare. During his rehab, Kent replaced half of the deteriorating foundation and floor systems, repaired roofing and applied a new coat of paint.