Zettlemoyer Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Pennsylvania
Year of Award: 2009
Original Use: Other
Current Use: Hay

The owners, John and Linda (Zettlemoyer) Garber are the sixth and seventh generations of Zettlemoyers currently living on the Zettlemoyer Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania. According to an imprint in the barn’s cornerstone, the large gable barn was built in 1852. Being equipped with a pig pen, chicken coop, and built-in granaries the 159-year old barn has been an integral part of the farm ever since its construction. The Zettlemoyer Farm is a combination of hay, corn, oats, wheat, and soy beans. Their farm is also included in a Pennsylvania land preservation act.  

As the barn approaches its 160th year the Garber family decided that if the barn was to be preserved for use by future generations, that some was to be done. They started by removing asbestos shingles and painting the exterior as well as the roof. The more extensive repairs involved replacing cracked beams and removing unsafe additions.