Groskreutz Family Farm

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Minnesota
Year of Award: 2008
Original Use: Cattle, Horses
Current Use: Cattle, Equipment Storage

Groskreutz Family Farm-Wells, MN after rehabilitation.

In 1877, the wood timbers for the barn on Russell Groskreutz's Minnesota farm arrived on a railroad car, with each piece numbered to guide construction.  After assembling the foundation from field rocks construction continued with the walls. "They laid the wood by numbers and then it was put up by the horses. It was a big jigsaw puzzle," said Groskreutz.

Groskreutz's great grandfather, a German immigrant, assembled the barn to house cattle and his team of horses.  Built into a hillside, the barn still shelters cattle today on the lower floor, with machinery storage above.  Groskreutz decided to invest in the repair of this 130-year old barn, because "it is straight and solid and I didn't want it to fall down."  Groskreutz also appreciates the craftsmanship used in the barn.

During the rehab of Groskreutz's barn, a crew was hired to re-shingle the roof as well as the cupolas.  The boards of the twin cupolas were repaired, and the siding was painted.  The total cost of the rehab was $23,000.  After all of the repairs were complete, the Groskreutz family barn remains as a piece of family history and a great addition to this centennial farm.