Kozuchowski Farms

Recognition Award Winner

Location: Michigan
Year of Award: 2009
Original Use: Horses
Current Use: Equipment Storage, Hay

 Located in Sanilac County, Michigan, the Kozuchowski Farm was purchased by Mitchell Kozuchowski’s grandparents in the 1920s. At the time, the farmstead consisted of a farmhouse, barn, and several outbuildings. According to a faded newspaper clipping still hanging on the walls of the large cross-gabled barn, the barn was completed on July 13, 1868. After surviving the hard times of the depression, a thriving dairy operation was run at the farm from the 1940s well into the 1980s. Soon after, the farm fell into disrepair for almost two decades.

After several years away, Mitchell returned from New York City in 1999 and started making improvements to the family farm. Using this as an opportunity to honor his father’s legacy, Mitchell has been working on restoring the farm ever since. The barn has since been stabilized through work to replace support beams, fixing the roof, and rebuilding doors and windows. The barn was painted and a water drainage system was added to keep future water damage from occurring.