Lund Farms

2009 Recognition Award Winner

Location: Minnesota
Year of Award: 2009
Original Use: Dairy, Horses
Current Use: Cattle, Hay

Built in 1918, the old barn on the Lund Farm was used for dairy and horses. Currently the barn is used to finish out 100 head of feeder cattle annually, as well as storage for 4,000 bales of hay every year. The restoration process began over thirty years ago in 1979 when work was done to the barn’s roof. In 1999 over 50 panes of glass was used to repair many of the windows that had been knocked out by cattle over the years. Work on the dutch gambrel barn continued from 2000 to 2008 and included painting, electrical updates, pouring a new foundation, and straightening the roofline.

The Lunds describe the estimated savings over the cost of a new building as “immeasurable.” Not only did they save money by restoring their barn, the Lunds were also able to preserve their family’s history and heritage associated with the large barn.  The project has also proved to be a rewarding experience as the Lund family completed most of the work without the use of outside contractors.