Barn Preservation Resources


Good Enough Farm-Peru, IN after rehabilitation.

The BARN AGAIN! program worked with local, state and national resources involved in historic preservation, farmland conservation and rural development. Joint activities have included barn preservation conference sessions, television programs exhibits and public policy initiatives.

Toolkit for Conserving Rural Character

The National Trust is working with partners at the local, state and national levels to protect our rural heritage and foster "heritage-based" rural development and conservation approaches. The Rural Heritage Collaborative brings together the full range of National Trust resources and expertise, including existing programs as well as several new initiatives, to help protect our rural heritage and revitalize rural communities.

Numerous tools, case studies and programs are available to assist you in saving and preserving your historic rural resources. Click here to explore the Toolkit for Conserving Rural Character.

General Resources

American Farm Bureau
600 Maryland Ave. SW, Suite 1000W
Washington DC 20024
Phone: 202.406.3600 
Fax: 202.406.3602

Farm Foundation
1301 West 22nd St., Suite 615
Oak Brook, IL 60523-2197
Phone: 630.571.9393
Fax: 630.571.9580

National Barn Alliance
The National Barn Alliance works to save and protect America's historic barns. The National Barn Alliance encourages documentation of historic barns and other rural structures through surveys and photography, supports the creation of statewide and local barn preservation organizations and programs, and facilitates the sharing of information on the history and maintenance of barns.

Successful Farming Magazine

The Barn Journal
The Barn Journal is has general information about barns and traditional farm architecture. It is a reader-supported site, and depends on the submissions of its users to add content. The site includes contractor information, barn ads, and barn case studies.

National Park Service Preservation Briefs
The National Park Service offers preservation briefs designed to help with a wide variety of preservation projects. There are several briefs that may be helpful for your barn preservation project.

Introduction to Federal Tax Credits for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
Administered by the National Park Service in conjunctuion with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Inxcentives program offers a 20% federal tax credit for qualified rehabilitation expenses.

Preservation Brief #20The Preservation of Historic Barns
Historic barns form a vital part of our Nation's heritage. By carefully examining the historic significance of each structure, owners of historic barns can draw up plans that preserve and reuse these historic structures while maintaining their historic character.

Preservation Brief #26The Preservation and Repair of Historic Log Buildings 
The intent of this Brief is to present a concise history and description of the diversity of American log buildings and to provide basic guidance regarding their preservation and maintenance.

For a complete list of the National Park Service's Preservation Briefs visit the Publications page of the National Park Service's website.

Resources by State

Every state has a State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a state government office, is an invaluable information source. The SHPO has information on applicable state and federal funding programs or tax incentives credits for preservation, general information on the preservation of historic barns and buildings, and nomination forms and guidelines for the National Register of Historic Places.

Nearly all states have nonprofit statewide and local preservation groups that serve as the network centers and representatives of preservation activities within their states.  They work with SHPOs, assist local groups and individual property owners, intervene in preservation issues, advocate state membership and educational programs, issue publications, engage in real estate and revolving fund programs, and serve as a preservation clearinghouse. 

Several states also have state or local barn preservation organizations, such as the Kansas Barn Alliance or the McHenry County (Illinois) Historical Barn Preservation Association. These organizations provide technical assistance, educational programs such as workshops, and in some cases offer financial assistance for barn owners.