How do I repair damaged siding?


Knuth Farm-Cairo, NE after rehabilitation.


Repair to damaged or broken siding can be very simple. When localized damage or rot is visible, it is important to make repairs quickly in order to avoid water or exposure damage to floor, beams, and sills.

To begin repair on vertical siding, find a point above the damaged section and square across the broken boards to weatherproof the joint, bending the strip over the ends and fastening again from the inside. Nail a board across the top of the opening from the inside, letting it extend down far enough so that the new siding can be nailed to it. Finish by sawing new siding boards to length and nailing them in place.

In the case of horizontal siding, the broken boards need to be sawn off at their outside edges, boards nailed on each end from the inside (allowing for a place to nail new boards from the outside) and metal flashing inserted in the connection space.

More information can be found in Barn Aid #3: Barn Exteriors and Painting