Should I cover my barn in metal siding?


Mooter Farm-Kennard, NE after rehabilitation.


We strongly recommend against it. Our reasons begin with aesthetics and end with practicality. First, the appearance of metal on a barn removes much of the timeless luster of the building and encases beautiful posts and beams under a flat and thing exterior. It certainly removes the building as a candidate for historic federal tax credits or possible resources on the state level. BARN AGAIN! research has also shown that it can be damaging to the barn itself. Metal siding will allow water through seams or damaged sections (likely to occur on working barns), however unlike wood, it will not allow the water to escape very easily. This, in conjunction with natural condensation, can cause long term problems with water damage and rot in the remaining wood found in the barn. Metal as siding is an expensive solution with its own set of problems.