What is the view of BARN AGAIN! on moving barns?


Mitchell Farm-Turners, MO after rehabilitation.


Moving barns was not an uncommon practice for farmers. There could have been several reasons for a structure move, including threats of flood, threats of attack on the frontier, consolidation of neighboring farms, adaptation to changing farm practices or simply because of personal preference. That being said, the BARN AGAIN! program's first priority is to keep historic barns within their original landscapes. Historic barns in their original historic setting can more easily take advantage of financial incentives and are more apt to be protected in the future. BARN AGAIN! prefers to keep historic barns in place when it is, at all, possible. However, in instances of a barn's imminent demolition or due to evidence of continued neglect, the BARN AGAIN! program is prepared to assist in a barn's move with referral and technical services.