Does BARN AGAIN! assist barns that are no longer in agriculture?


Oxford Horse Ranch-Laramie, WY after rehabilitation.


BARN AGAIN! believes that the best use of a barn, is as a barn. While demonstrating the abundance of uses a historic barn may have on a modern farm, we have cracked the myth that historic barn's are obsolete and cannot be adapted to modern practices. We also believe that the historic barn's agricultural setting is what sets this structure apart from many others. The productive barn in agriculture is the American symbol of rural beauty. We, as a program, believe the most good is done by keeping the barns which built our rural society in production. We also realize the realities of change and support almost any purpose that preserves the barn as a building. We keep an adaptive use database and can offer examples of successful projects in retail, lodging, non-profit and residential, to name a few. Contact us for referrals and resources to assist you in your adaptive use project.