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Stalder Farm-Salem, NE after rehabilitation.


We provide the information you need to get your project off the ground: examples of how other barns have been adapted for new farming uses, information on the rehabilitation process, technical information on specific questions such as foundation or roof repair, referrals for contractors and others who can help with a project, and personalized advice.

We are a nationwide clearinghouse for information about barns and barn preservation.

We promote the preservation and use of historic barns nationwide, and encourage contractors, extension personnel and others to consider preservation as a practical alternative to new construction.

We put on workshops to train individuals in the barn rehabilitation process.

We give awards for completed barn preservation projects.

We publish and disseminate information: examples of new uses for older barns, general rehab guides and technical information.

We help states and local organizations develop their own barn preservation programs.

We also advocate for federal and state funding programs to assist barn preservation activities.