Protecting Rural Heritage Assets


There are steps communities can take to help protect the rural places that matter to them. Whether individual properties or entire districts and landscapes, there are tools and techniques that can be applied. Some are more best handled by consultants or other professionals, but many can be done by motivated volunteers. The sections below will outline some of the tools that are available.




National Council of State Historic Preservation Offices (NCSHPO) Use this site to find the contact information for your State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). They often have extensive resource sections of their own.  For example, the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources has a detailed section on tools for preserving barns.

Statewide & Local Partners Program is a program of the National Trust.  Use this site to find your nearest state or local historic preservation organization who may be able to assist. 

The USDA Rural Information Center, Rural Preservation Resources website provides links to more than fifty full-text "how to" information guides and manuals on general and technical aspects of historic preservation, including specialty resources on historic barns, farms, bridges, schools, battlefields, landscapes, lighthouses, interiors, exteriors, preservation techniques, and other facts of historic preservation.